Joyful Giving: Inspiration

Christmas Magic Continues

What is the one thing that brings you comfort when everything seems to be going wrong?  For one Texas police officer, Keith Bartlett, his comfort  was his Gibson guitar, which was lost along with his family’s possessions in a house fire. Officer Bartlett had previously met Randy Travis and his wife, Mary, while responding to… Continue reading Christmas Magic Continues

Joyful Giving: Ideas

Post-Christmas Birthdays

I always felt bad for kids who had birthdays on and around Christmas. They couldn’t have a birthday party on their actual birthday. People often lump your Christmas and birthday gifts together. And you’re sharing your special day with the most important birth of all time. All of those factors typically lead to your birthday… Continue reading Post-Christmas Birthdays

Joyful Giving: Inspiration

Thoughtful giving for the win!

One of my favorite things about Christmas time is the desire people have to spread kindness like confetti!  Nothing is better than having your Facebook feed filled with heart warming stories like this one.  The thoughtfulness is overflowing from these sweet students as they present their teacher with a pair of red vans they bought him for Christmas.… Continue reading Thoughtful giving for the win!