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You Can’t Forget the Tiny Humans!


Valentine’s Day was always a favorite of mine in grade school.  We got to craft our shoebox mailboxes and there was typically a party complete with a showing of “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” and lots of red and pink treats!

I don’t have any kids of mine own, but I have some very young cousins that I borrow and spoil when I need a reason to attend the new animated movie or someone to buy the cutest little outfit for.  Also when I need someone to get as excited as I do for Valentine’s Day!

To help my aunt and uncle avoid gray hairs from the side effects of sugar I try to keep my gifts to things that will be parent approved.

This year the Target Dollar aisle really came in for the win!  And with an additional order from Amazon Prime I had my Valentine’s ready to go!

For Her– A bright pink, heart covered envelope to hold everything. A fun pom-pom pen that says, “You’re just write for me”. So punny! And a cat coloring book (it’s all about cats right now!).

For Him– A teal envelope with a big heart on the back.  A robot pen that says, “Valentine, I like you a bot”. And a pocket guide of animals for their family’s upcoming trip to Costa Rica.

Both Valentine’s will be topped off with cards filled with confetti because cards should always be filled with confetti and my aunt and uncle need a little reason to be annoyed with me J I left out the sugar so they can handle the sparkle!

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day with the kids in your life? Share below!

Need an idea? “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” is show on February 10th at 8pm EST on ABC, so why not pop some popcorn and break out the pink and red cookies for a movie night!

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