Joyful Giving: Ideas

A Twist on a Classic


I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a classic. In my eyes, red roses on Valentine’s Day will never go out of style.

However, you can improve upon a classic or add it. This year if you’re hoping he will step up his rose game you might just want to casually leave this page open on your lap top!

Rosé – If only the world could find something to bring them together like rosé has brought together the red wine lovers and the white wine lovers!  Rosé has become a staple of every girl’s night and summer brunch. This Cote Des Roses Rosé has quickly become a favorite of mine because of the light crisp taste and the beautiful bottle.  The bottom of the bottle is even crafted into a rose!  Packaging this beautiful is made to be gifted.  The Cote Des Roses even comes in a red and white blend for those who haven’t hopped on the rosé bandwagon.

Rose Scented Perfume- Perfume is also a pretty traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but I love the idea of combining these two classics together. Two of my current favorites are Roses de Chloe and Marni Rose. Both come in gorgeous bottles that perfectly dress up your vanity and have light, modern take on the traditional rose fragrance.

Rose Scented Candle- Rose scented candles are my favorite to burn in my bedroom or while I’m taking a bubble bath. I love the beautiful glass jar of this Royal Apothic English Rose candle that is currently sitting on my nightstand.

Fresh Rose Skincare Line- I cannot rave enough about Fresh.  I have loved every product of theirs I have tried. Currently, I am using the rose eye gel as well as the rose brightening mask.  They are not overly scented and are the perfect additions to any skincare routine or spa night.

Fresh Lip Balm in Rose– This lip balm adds the perfect hue to your pout all while moisturizing your lips and protecting them from the sun.  You cannot go wrong with rosy lips on Valentine’s Day!

I hope these ideas help inspire the men in your life or inspire you to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. Wishing you a rosy weekend!

With Love, From Me To You