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The Friend Date

I LOVE giving and receiving gifts, but it forced to choose between gifts and a little quality time I would prefer quality time. As you get older and people’s lists of obligations grow to be miles long, setting aside time for friends or family member becomes priceless. It is often during these times that the best stories are written.

If you have someone you would like to celebrate for a birthday, job promotion or perhaps for just being them, try embracing the friend date as a gift alternative.  Here are a few of my favorite go-to friend date ideas.

  1. Try a new restaurant together. How many times do you drive past a new restaurant mentioning that you would love to try it and when you have a chance to eat out you go to the same place you have been to a hundred times? Make it a point to find a new fun place and try it together!
  2. Take a new workout class together. Workouts are always fun when you have a buddy, so grab yours and try out the latest new fitness craze. At least when you can stay on beat you’ll have your friend by your side looking as goofy as you do!
  3. Take a mini road trip together. Where can you drive that is only an hour or two away from your house? A museum, a cool farmers, antique fair…I’m sure there is something!  If you need ideas try exploring on Groupon to find nearby attractions and discounted tickets. Pick up your friend with coffee and go for a drive.  As with most road trips, the journey is much more important than the destination!

I hope you and your friend have a wonderful time making memories together!

With Love, From Me To You

P.S. If you do need a cute gift item, this cute flask is perfect for those friends you always write the best stories with! It was a great Shannon Martin Girl Designer find at Papyrus.


3 thoughts on “The Friend Date

  1. This is an excellent post! I also find that the older I get the more important spending time together has become. My in-laws are in their 70s and one of my best gifts to my mother-in-law was driving down to her house (they live ~2hours away) and spending a few hours cooking with her. Simple recipes but the point was to spend the time together creating dinner. It was one of her favorite gifts and I will do it again soon- I had a blast too!

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  2. Aw this is such a nice blog post!! You and your bestie are so cute and I totally agree sharing quality time, making memories, and just being in each others presence is the best. Love your ideas all of which my best friend and I have partook in and still do till this day!

    xo, JJ

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