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Gifts During Grief

During the last few months I have become very acquainted with the grieving process.  The end of 2016 was not too kind.  Grief is not something any of us ask for, but inevitably we all face.  It is a required course in the school of life. It is an experience that will make you wiser while you yearn for the days when you still believed wishes were answered by blowing on a dandelion.

One of the many things I learned through my grief is that people grieve differently.  Very differently. Some crave companionship while others want to spend time in solitude. Your coping mechanisms could even completely change from previous experiences.  There is no rhyme or reason to it.

I’m very fortunate to have so many people reach out in so many ways. Although during my grief gifts brought the needed comfort.  My normal self’s love language is quality time, but company is difficult now.  It requires me to be myself and most days I’m not feeling quite like myself. Gifts have brought me joy and let me know someone was thinking about me, but gave me the space I was desiring.

I would love to share some of the things that have provided some light to me on my gloomy days.  Gifts and acts of kindness can often say what is needed when words fail you.


Bottle of Tears

This sweet gift arrived on a rough day.  It not only let me know that I was being prayed for, but reminded me that the Creator of the Universe was collecting my tears and not one was going unnoticed. (Psalm 56:8)


Packed Party

This wonderful gift box with all of the needed items for a relaxing night in was the perfect surprise. Grieving is an emotionally and physically exhausting experience and sometimes pampering is the perfect relief. They also include a hand written note, and sweet words from a friend can be a great comfort.


Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

These weren’t gifted to me, but were thankfully something I keep on hand.  Tears do not leave your eyes looking their best and sometimes you just want to hide the evidence.  These little God sends offer some much needed relief at the end of the day or right before you need to face the world (or maybe just the grocery store).

There is no one size fits all gift for grief, but the one thing that will always provide comfort is feeling heard.  Feeling that your hurt has been acknowledged, your worry has been validated and many times that your need for space and time has been accepted.

With Love, From Me To You



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  1. I love your blog and the reason behind it! I think we have had a similar 2016 and I know I am ready to leave the memories behind but take the lessons forward, I am sure you are too!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a look, and I hope to learn more great lessons from you!


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