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When Good Friends Move Away

If you lived in any one place long enough than you have experienced the inevitable change.  Change of seasons. Change of jobs. Change of friends that can just pop by to say hello.

It is always sad to see friends move on to the next chapter of their lives, but finding the right way to wish them well is such a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the impact they have had on your life.  Ordering carryout from their favorite restaurant, watching a movie that makes you both crack up and sharing their favorite bottle of wine is always my favorite goodbye.

When my friend Sara left Dallas for Atlanta picking the perfect gift for her was easy.  She was determined to finally decorate this next apartment and had always commented on how much she loved city prints.  What better way to send her off to Atlanta than by giving her prints from all the cities she has lived in and one of her future home!


Etsy has an amazing selection of city prints; be careful not to get lost is a sea of them!

If you want to be a super helpful friend, consider giving your friend a picture of their gift and having everything delivered to their new address. Trust me, they will thank you for it!

With Love, From Me to You


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