Joyful Giving: How To's

New Year, New Habits


Based on the memes filling my Facebook news feed alone it seems 2016 was not a favorite year for many.  I hate to jump on the negativity bandwagon, but I didn’t love 2016 much either.

The idea for With Love, From Me to You came with me searching for a way to ensure 2017 would be a year with positive change.  I’m a firm believer that taking time to serve others is good for the soul, so starting a website that would force me to intentionally explore the art of joyful giving seemed like a good place to start.

Joyful giving comes in so many forms, but it all starts with taking the time to acknowledge someone in some way.  The easiest place to start with this project seems to be by sending cards with special wishes for birthdays and other celebrations.  Not only does it make you feel great when someone takes the time to send you a card rather than just post on your timeline or Instagram post, but what is more fun than getting mail?!

Will you join me in making snail mail great again in 2017?

A few of my favorite places to pick up cute and sparkly cards:


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