Joyful Giving: Inspiration

Christmas Magic Continues

What is the one thing that brings you comfort when everything seems to be going wrong?  For one Texas police officer, Keith Bartlett, his comfort  was his Gibson guitar, which was lost along with his family’s possessions in a house fire.

Officer Bartlett had previously met Randy Travis and his wife, Mary, while responding to a call about a burglary at their ranch.  When Randy and Mary saw on the news that Officer Bartlett and his family lost everything in a house fire they stepped into help by donating furniture to the family.

Their kind gestures did not stop with the practical. Randy and Mary surprised Officer Bartlett with a new Gibson guitar, just like the one he lost, proving that Christmas Magic doesn’t disappear on December 25th.

Randy and Mary have experienced how music can lift spirits during grief and recovery since 2013 when Randy had a serious stroke.  It was their personal experience that led them to see the importance of replacing Officer Bartlett’s guitar.  “I just know how important music is and what therapy it is, especially at a time like this,” Mary Travis said.

randys_surprise_headerPhoto credit: NBCDFW