Joyful Giving: Ideas

Post-Christmas Birthdays

I always felt bad for kids who had birthdays on and around Christmas. They couldn’t have a birthday party on their actual birthday. People often lump your Christmas and birthday gifts together. And you’re sharing your special day with the most important birth of all time. All of those factors typically lead to your birthday getting lost in the holiday shuffle. For these reasons, I try to do my best to remember and acknowledge these people on their special day!

So what do you get someone that just unwrapped everything they asked for days or weeks ago?

I just finished finding the perfect gift for my friend/co-worker for her New Year’s Day birthday. We initially bonded over our love of beauty products and often relate well to one another because of our “old lady ways”. Since we work from home we both love little things that make our work space feel extra cozy and fun.  I found the cutest photo of her and her sisters posted on Facebook from their family’s holiday party.  I then used the Chic Sketch app to turn their sweet family photo into a trendy fashion sketch and then headed to Home Goods to find the perfect frame!  I knew this cute sketch would brighten up and a dash of whimsy to her office space.

I loved hers so much that I decided to surprise my mom with one as well, because moms can always use an extra surprise!

Are you still on the hunt for that post-Christmas gift?  Try to think of something you can give them that will compliment a gift they received over the holiday. Or take advantage of the amazing post holiday sales.  Don’t fret-the perfect gift will find you!

With Love, From Me to You