Joyful Giving: How To's

The Secret to Thoughtful Giving: Write it down!

fullsizerenderAs the holidays approach, so often does a level of unnecessary stress as we try to find the perfect gift for those we love.  I find myself racking my brain to remember what my mom casually mentioned to me that she was going to buy “one of these days”.  And when mom asks for my Christmas list I tend to just write down the last few things I saw in a store.  Two weeks post-Christmas I’ll remember that I actually needed new tennis shoes as I’m lacing up the pair I’ve owned for the last five years rather than another sweater that can only be worn for two months out of the year in Texas.

Then a few years ago, I had the world’s most obvious idea to fixing this dilemma; I started writing things down!  Throughout the year whenever someone would mention they were eyeing something or thought “it would be nice if I had…” I made note of it.  Sometimes these items were purchased throughout the year, but so often they were not!  I started recording these little ideas in a note on my iPhone and then eventually upgraded my list into a Pinterest board.  This was amazing since I was able to add the items directly from the website I could purchase them from.   I even added items throughout the year that reminded me of a specific someone or that I thought would be good for a general occasion gift (engagement gift, thank you gift, etc.).  To help my sweet mom be able to surprise me (which is my favorite kind of gift!) I even made one throughout the year of items I wanted and shared it with her.  She has loved this since it has led to some really great surprised faces on Christmas morning.

As we are about to start a new year, consider adding gift note taking to your resolution list.  It will be an extremely fun new way to use Pinterest, and  I promise as birthdays and Christmas roll around you’ll thank me. 🙂

With Love, From Me to You