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You Can’t Forget the Tiny Humans!

Valentine’s Day was always a favorite of mine in grade school.  We got to craft our shoebox mailboxes and there was typically a party complete with a showing of “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” and lots of red and pink treats! I don’t have any kids of mine own, but I have some very young… Continue reading You Can’t Forget the Tiny Humans!

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Spread the Love

Valentine’s Day can often make those not in a relationship feel excluded or un-loved.  In recent years, it has also been re-branded Singles Awareness Day.  Although I applaud the clever response to a traditionally romantic-focused holiday; I think the singles of the world-and everyone else- could do one better and see Valentine’s Day as an… Continue reading Spread the Love

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Valentine’s Day- Gifts For Guys

So your boyfriend doesn’t like getting all of the red and pink items from the Target Valentine’s Day aisle that somehow all seem to be covered in glitter?  Who knew! Valentine’s Day may not be a traditionally manly holiday, but I’m confident you can find a way to show all of the men in your… Continue reading Valentine’s Day- Gifts For Guys